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Lena Skadegard Crocheted Petal Necklaces

$308.00 - On Sale

Hand crocheted necklaces with beautiful teardrop stones.

Beautiful, long 53" strand of golden Keshi pearls and silverite moonstone. This necklace has a mother of pearl button closure, and the pearls are approximately 3/4". Originally $960. Third picture.

Pretty, ethereal strand of moonstone, rutilated Quartz and zircon. This necklace is 21" with a silver button closure. Originally $495. First picture.

Mixed gem strand with lapis, pyrite and labradorite tear drops is 32" long with a mother of pearl button closure. Stones are 1/4 - 3/8". Originally $440.

Brilliant strand of lapis teardrops. This necklace is 32" long, with 1/3" stones. Originally $440. Last picture.

All 30% off!
** please keep in mind that SALE items are NOT returnable **

Lena Skadegard uses exquisite stones, signature hand knotted and crocheted cording, and painterly details to create her jewelry collection